Heritage and Conservation

In the globalized world both urban and rural geography is undergoing transformation. Cultural heritage sites and traditional environmental conservation practices are disappearing. It is in this context that heritage and environmental conservation is taken up as another area that is central to the activities of SPINAC. The study and conservation of heritage structures and propagation of heritage ideas is most important for a country like India which has thousands of year’s civilisational history.

The history of evolution of art and architectural forms indicate the creative generous of Indian people and SPINAC is into preservation of these art forms. The SPINAC is deeply involved in not just in conservation of this civilisational heritage of India but proposes to work with other likeminded groups and organisations by placing the information on public domain.

The SPINAC strongly believes that the wider dissemination of India’s civilisational heritage among people creates the most enduring cultural and secular bond among the present and future generation of Indians.