1. The propagation of secular values
  2. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi "God has no religion" and the foundation of Indian civil society should be based on truth and secular law and governance. The Trust deeply believes in secular values and actively works for their rooting in Indian soil.

    The propagation of secular values and ethical principles among civil society through outreach activities is one of the public actives of the Trust. The outreach activities are organised around the propagation of RTI, civil/citizen/children rights, gender, tribal and minority community rights and social justice.

    Apart from outreach activities, the Trust would be involved in the production of educational materials for children and developing new learning technologies to indtroduce and reinfoce the use of Indian languages among children. Developing interest among children in learning their mother tongue is most important for the better cultural and intellectual growth of youth. The Trust proposes the revival of local libraries and bringing them in contact with neighborhood learning centers so that Indian children will be engaged in the learning and acquisition of employable skill .

  3. Conservation and preservation of art and cultural artifacts and performing art forms
  4. Survey, conservation restoration and preservation of
    1. Sculptures, heritage structures and paintings
    2. Manuscripts and printed materials in all languages
    3. Audio/video/visual materials of value to Indian history, culture and heritage
    4. Disappearing folk cultures with emphasis on music, dance and drama
    5. Endangered oral languages still part of living traditions
  5. The development of:
    1. Electronic catalogues of printed books, journals etc.
    2. Ways of preserving printed and audio-video-visual materials in digital formats
    3. Innovative methods of providing public access to all such materials related to Indian art and culture
    4. Technology as well as a support systems for libraries and organizations
    5. Long-term modernization technologies and preservation systems for libraries
  6. The undertaking of:
    1. Research studies, conduct workshops/seminars/talks
    2. Publication of studies in all formats, on all the aspects related to Indian civilization and its’ history
    3. Studies on contemporary developments, health, education and environmental issues, social-cultural and political movements, women empowerment, tribal, minority and marginalized communities’ life-world
    4. Propagation of scientific temper,
    5. Dissemination of people and environmental friendly technologies in rural areas
    6. Study and propagation of Indian traditional knowledge systems
  7. The establishment of:
    1. Research and training centers for the furtherance of education/learning in various fields and branches of knowledge in all India languages as well as in English
  8. Other areas of activities are
    1. To bring, publish and sell books, periodicals, leaflets, brochures and papers
    2. To open and maintain libraries, reading rooms for the promotion of the objects of the Trust.